As humans we have a tendency to succumb to competitive pressures. You see someone in town or at the gym that you think is skinnier than you, healthier than you, happier than you blah blah blah…. Stop comparing yourself to those other people, your story is your’s alone. No one else has been where you have been and gone through what you have gone through. We all have a unique story to tell and if you are so focused on someone else’s story that you are constantly comparing yourself to others, and trying to change who you are to “match up” with somebody else then your real story never gets told. The story of how you overcame the odds and became the best you that you can be.

Your challenge this week is to focus on you, stop looking at what works for other people and find what works for you. Do you notice a change in your behavior/attitude when you pull your focus from everyone else to yourself ? Let us know.